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Because I like to be usefull to other tourists or to my comunity I join the Google Local Guides Comunity, for about 6 month now, and last month I reach level three.

What is Google Local Guides ?

Its a comunity of enthusiasts travelers like me, who volunteer take photos of the places they visit and place them on Google Map. If you want to join the comunity you can do it here. You can also make reviews of the places you visit, for the other travelers to be informed. One of the interesting feature of Google Map is thet you can post 360 degrees photos or videos with the help of Google Street View App. Because I am an enthusiast photographer I recently purchase a 360 degree camera and now I am enjoying the surroundings. You can see how to earn local guides points here.

Benefits of beein a local guide

If you became a high level local guide you can participate at mitings like this one in Philadelphia from september 2016. You can also enjoy working with local business taking 360 photos or videos with google . You can also receive invites to Google Local Events.

Be part of local guides comunities

Latest News

  • I found a lot of loca lguides related icons here.
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